Five Dental Care Tips For Monsoon Season

The Monsoon season is the one those seasons which alleviate us from the warmth of an amplified summer. With the change in weather and temperature come a number of diseases and damages. Monsoon season not only brings along the most common diseases such as malaria, dengue, and cholera but also the severe dental problems and issues. The effect of weather change plays an important role in the tooth condition. Some people tend to face pain and trouble in their teeth in the monsoon season. So let us discuss some dental tips to follow during monsoon season:

1) CHANGE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH : Brushing your teeth plays a vital role in personal dental hygiene which helps in removing plaque effectively. Hence, it is of prime importance to maintain the correct toothbrush and replace it often with a new one and maintain it for the oral hygiene. When the bristles get frayed, it is the peak time to replace your brush with a new toothbrush.
2) EAT THE SEASON'S BEST : Always remember to stock your fridge with healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits available in the monsoon season. This will ensure your family is eating the healthy food which will limit them to indulge in unhealthy snacks options. The nutritionally beneficial fruits and vegetables in monsoon are apples, pears, strawberries, curd and oats.
3) RENEW YOUR FLOSS SUPPLY : The suggested floss length is 18 inches per flossing session. With a day by day flossing plan, that means approximately 45 feet of floss a month! So, stock up to abstain from running out.
4) KEEP A CHECK ON EXPIRY DATE OF MOUTHWASH : Everything comes with an expiry date and so is your mouthwash! So always use the mouthwash before its expiry date to get its maximum benefit and effectiveness.
5) MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH DENTIST : Regular dental check-ups are a must for every individual. It not only keeps your teeth in a healthy state but will also indicate any early stage problem.
So make sure to follow the above dental care tips to have that everlasting smile on your face!


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