Losing teeth and your precious smile is not less than a nightmare and can be difficult on a personal & emotional level for some people. A missing tooth or a pair of teeth can cause misery and loss of confidence among people, which may influence their work and individual life. When you lose a tooth, the stability in the whole dental structure is disturbed making the chewing and biting process challenging along with the nearby teeth getting prone to tilt & shift which can prompt further oral issues down the line, particularly if the contorted structure of the teeth meddles with the patient's biting abilities. Although there are various solutions to missing teeth, dental implants are the most effective, permanent and the best teeth replacement technique which is easy to maintain while taking care of your oral health and are also long-lasting. Let's look at some key points why dental implants are important for better oral health:

 1. Reduces risk of cavities: As soon as you lose your tooth, your first need should be protecting the rest of your teeth. In any case, neglecting the missing tooth can cause other teeth to tilt and shift. Microscopic organisms that stick to the teeth encompassing the vacant space that is deserted, frame into a thin layer of plaque which ascend to damaging acids that dissolve the teeth and forms cavities. But if you plan to go for dental implant treatment, it will seal this gap, thereby reducing the risk of cavities. You can easily brush and floss after the treatment just like your natural teeth, hence maintaining a strong set of teeth and a healthy mouth. 

2. Improves periodontal health: If there is an infection in the tissues that support your teeth, it leads to periodontal issues which are a threat to your oral health. Dental implants eliminate the risks of periodontal diseases by cleaning the space and getting the empty tooth socket filled by an implant which completely shuts the build-up of any bacteria and hence the minimum chance of infection prevails. 

3. Protect bone density: The secret behind the dental implant's strength is the exceptional bond its imbedded titanium makes with the bone. After some time bone develops and connects to the titanium surface to create a solid and secure hold. Commonly made of titanium, implants are biocompatible and incorporate with bone tissue. They are carefully put in the jaw and with the time they fuse with the bone securely and last for a lifetime if taken proper care. When implants have recuperated effectively, they have turned into a vital piece of your jaw structure which positively affects both your well-being and your appearance. 

4. Saves teeth from shifting: Your teeth help keep everything set up and in place. When you are feeling the loss of a tooth, and have a gap due to it, your teeth will begin to move to fill in that gap which gives chance to teeth to shift slowly. That could cause uneven teeth, as well as teeth that are harder to clean which can ultimately cost you more to settle. However, Dental Implant Cost in Noida at Dr. Sunali's Dental Solutions is easy on the pocket and affordable. So get your appointment scheduled and visit the clinic to get more information on the dental implant treatment and its benefits.



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