Change of climate gets a considerable measure of changes in our general well-being and health. Environmental change can impact our well-being in the most awful way and frequently make us fall sick. Similarly, dip in temperature can take its toll at oral health as well. At the point when the climate changes and the surroundings end up chilly, numerous individuals experience severe tooth pain and sensitivity which might be caused by thin, debilitated tooth finish enamel, gum recession that tears away the surrounding tissues, cracked & chipped teeth or a blend of these dental issues. So if you too experience tooth sensitivity and other dental problems in winters, schedule your appointment at Dr. Sunali's Dental Solutions that has the Top Dentist in NCR to give you a proper dental assistance and suitable dental treatment. Below are some of the oral health care tips to follow during winters:

 1. The first and foremost tip is to take care of your enamel since it is the protective coating of the teeth. Try to avoid acidic drinks & food, avoid food which is extremely hot or extreme cold, and use fluoride-containing toothpaste to prevent sensitivity.
 2. One recommendation is to inhale through your nose as much as could reasonably be possible when outside. Your cheeks and lips protect your teeth as long as your mouth is shut. The air you inhale through your nose will be hotter when it reaches the teeth, so responses to the cold might be reduced.
 3. If you have gone through a recent dental treatment, like root canal treatment or dental fillings, you need to be extra careful in its maintenance since they take time to recover and cold weather may cause some tooth pain. So it is always advised to keep in check with your dentist for a follow up of your recent dental treatment.
 4. Last but not least would be to visit your dentist for a regular dental check-up and for any dental problem which arises in winters.

Dr. Sunali's Dental Solutions have expertise in different areas of dentistry with a range of dental treatments and services offered to provide the finest dental care to each of its patients. Regardless of whether you're simply beginning to feel the sensitivity or have issues in the colder climate, it is beneficial to visit your dental specialist and finding a solution to your problem.


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