Each parent fears about their kids experiencing the teething procedure and the issues arising from them. However, it is a natural process that in a couple of years those infant teeth will begin to drop out. It is essential for you and your kids to know that losing child's teeth is totally normal and one should not fret. This procedure begins around 6 to 7 years of age. Your kid will be sufficiently old to comprehend what's going on with his/her teeth yet may require complete assistance of a dentist who can make them understand the teething process and how to go through it in a relaxed manner while telling them that losing their teeth isn't frightening or difficult. The Pediatric dentist at Dr. Sunali's Dental Solutions in Noida offers comprehensive dental care and counselling for children in a child-friendly ambiance.
As a parent, you should ensure that your child visits the dental specialist routinely to abstain from missing any indications of infections or different issues that could postpone the arrival of a new set of teeth on time. Ordinarily, the primary teeth to lose out are the ones that came in first, so the lower front teeth and afterward the upper front teeth will turn out to be free first. An infant tooth ordinarily doesn't slacken until the permanent tooth under it has begun to drive the infant tooth out of their socket. When it begins to release, it can take up to half a month to come out completely. For whatever length of time that you don't perceive any redness or swelling around the gums of the tooth, it's ideal to leave the tooth as it is and let the procedure occur naturally. If a more complex case arises, Dr. Sunali's Dental Solutions is a trusted painless extraction clinic in Noida where you can the best treatment for your kids's losing out his/her tooth. Permanent teeth will begin appearing in not less than 2-3 weeks; however, they won't completely develop in for a couple of months.
Providing the finest kids dentistry in Noida, Dr. Sunali's Dental Solutions trusts in the significance of keeping your kid's teeth and mouth fit as a fiddle. Irrespective of your kid's age, the team of dedicated dentists at the clinic treats every kid with patience and in a calm & gentle ambiance. The staff fully realises that a child's first dental visit can be loaded up with tension but our dental specialists will clarify each phase of the treatment to the parent and kid to ensure a relaxed state of mind.


Dr. Sunali along with her team of expert dentists and highly skilled staff members strive to ensure that all our patients are offered the best and the finest dental care with latest technologies.

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