Dental hygiene DIY hacks

Oral hygiene does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. A cleaner, healthier, and more appealing grin can be achieved with a few simple "hacks." Dr. Sunali reveals her favourite oral hygiene ideas for everyday use in this article.

  1. Drink Through a Straw
    Using a straw is a simple and easy technique to reduce the amount of stain-causing coffee, tea, and wine that comes into contact with your teeth. Using a straw to drink allows the liquid to skip the teeth, reducing tooth discoloration.
  2. Your Sweet Tooth Will Be Satisfied
    You may fulfill your sweet desire without jeopardizing your oral health. Try strawberries or blueberries instead of a handful of Skittles or gummy bears. Apple slices are also a wonderful alternative because they are sweet, flavourful, and proven to help clean teeth. Alternatively, chew a sugar-free gum stick.
  3. Buy a Tongue Scraper
    If you brush and floss every day but still have bad breath, bacteria may have built up in the creases of your tongue. Get a tongue scraper, which can help you breathe better and have a cleaner tongue by reducing or eliminating food particles and dirt on your tongue.
  4. In the Office, Oral Hygiene
    It's not always convenient or discreet to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste around the office. It's considerably more convenient to throw a little bottle of floss into your handbag or briefcase. After lunch, give your teeth a brief floss to remove food particles and bacteria.
  5. Consider Changing Your Lipstick
    Picking the proper shade of lipstick, for example, can make your teeth appear whiter and healthier! To achieve a whiter-looking grin, choose a blue-based product, a dark berry, purple, or something with cold undertones.
    Do you have any other dental-related life hacks to share? We'd be delighted to hear them! When you come in for a visit to the Best Dental Clinic in Noida to meet the Best Dentist in Noida, please share them with us. Make an appointment with us right now.


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