How to keep your teeth healthy this 2020

Healthy teeth are a key to happy life. Whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult we all should develop the habit of having healthy teeth from the very beginning of our lives. As a parent we should ensure that we take our child for the regular dental check-ups at least in a month. If we start adopting this as a habit, we all will have healthy teeth for our lives.

The most vulnerable person of your family is the kid who also needs correct care from the beginning for healthy teeth. Follow these simple habits for your kid’s dental health
•    Wash your baby's teeth with a wet cloth every day. When the teeth start to grow use a child's toothbrush 
•    Kids under the age of 2 shouldn’t use toothbrush instead use water to clean their teeth.
•    Don’t allow your kid to sleep with a bottle. This can leave milk on the teeth which can add to cavities which is called baby tooth decay.
•     Encourage your Grownups to eat low sugar snacks. Avoid giving your child candies and chocolates
•    Teach your children how to brush their teeth properly.
•    Take your kids to the dentist regularly for a thorough check up of their teeth.

Taking good care of our mouth and teeth will help us having a pleasant breath, a happy smile and less cavities. By following some simple habits every day, we can boost the life of our teeth in a long run.
•    Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
•    Floss your teeth with a mouthwash at least once in a day
•    Avoid smoke or having tobacco they give you bad breath and causes cancer
•     Keep an eye inside your mouth regularly and notice the sores that don’t heal
•    Wear a head gear while playing sports

Adapting a healthy oral routine will surely help you prevent cavities and boosts your teeth life, but the other most important thing which is Inevitable is a Regular dental Check-up. To have a Healthy teeth, we must pay regular visits to our dentists so that our dentist can identify our problem and fix with the right treatment.

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In conclusion, following some simple steps will give you a healthy dental life which you will treasure forever with a happy smile on your face.


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