Sunali (HNo 401) Has The Best Garden In Noida Award Comes As A Surprise!

"Karm Karo par fal ki chinta mat karo" , a quote from Bhaagdwad Geeta can be aptly put for Dr. Sunali Joshi Kashyap.

Dr. Sunali (HNo. 401) won an award for the best garden by the Crysanthemum Society of Noida in a function organised on 9th Dec Sunday, at Noida stadium. The surprise element in this story is that neither she was expecting the award nor she had applied for this entry. Daughter of an Air force officer and a Dentist by profession, Sunali has a keen interest in gardening and she is doing it for a long time.

After seeing Sunali's garden, a patient of hers Mrs. Pinki Dutta sent the entry for this award category and surprisingly the garden was awarded the best in Noida. Sunali says that she tries to give most of her time to the garden after clinic and it is really a nice feeling that people are now appreciating it.

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