What to do after a tooth extraction: The do’s and don’ts

We expect that our teeth will last our entire lives, unharmed. However, dental decay or an infection of the tooth roots can occur as a result of poor oral hygiene, a calcium deficit, health issues, and other situations. The three main factors that necessitate tooth extraction are severe dental infection, tooth decay, and crowding. The extraction of teeth is made less painful and easier at Dr. Sunali’s Dental Solutions in Noida by utilising cutting-edge technology and medical procedures.

Dr. Sunali’s Dental Solutions is a leading Painless extraction clinic in Noida . The team of skilled dentists will remove the damaged tooth while making the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. Additionally, they will advise you on what to do and what not to do after having a tooth extracted, which are listed below:

The Do’s – 

Take painkillers: Your dentist may recommend painkillers since you can have discomfort and soreness after the anaesthesia wears off. If you wish to avoid the pain, do not miss a dose. The painkiller might also possess an anti-inflammatory impact, which would lessen the swelling near the treated area.

Rest and recover—Yes, even tooth extraction surgery calls for a lot of resting. No matter how great you may feel shortly after having a tooth pulled, wait at least 24 hours before engaging in any strenuous activity. While you sleep, keep your head a little bit upright on the pillow.

Apply ice: To avoid or lessen the effects of swelling, apply ice packs to the cheek on which the tooth extraction is being done. Even though swelling might not start right away, it can last for a few days. Rub ice for 5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours, if possible. On subsequent days, refrain from applying ice because it slows the healing process.


The Dont’s – 

Avoid drinking or eating hot foods: You don't want to deal with significant bleeding caused by hot foods dislodging the healing tissue covering the extraction sockets. You also run the danger of accidentally injuring your lip or tongue if anaesthesia has been applied. Therefore, it is wise to refrain from eating or drinking anything hot for at least 48 hours following the treatment.

Resist poking: You might find it awkward to discover a gap during the first few days, but avoid poking the removed region with your tongue, a toothpick, or anything else. It can make bleeding worse, put off healing, and harm the area where the tooth was taken.

Drink without using a straw: For a week following the extraction, refrain from drinking with a straw. While sucking air via a straw, your blood clot may become disturbed, and bleeding could start up again. Additionally, using a straw while drinking can cause "dry socket syndrome”.


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